Over the years I have honed my craft in various ways. Some folks may say, “How can a person do two things exceptionally well?
Don’t they have to specialize?”

Well, I DO specialize… with a camera.

By knowing and understanding light and shadow and the workings of my cameras and lenses I can shoot multiple genres. I work to know trends in both Headshot Photography and Wedding Photography. If a person is truly understanding of the principals of light and studies the trend in each industry, then why couldn’t someone be great in several sub areas of the main one- photography? Also, having been an actor for over 30 years and worked in so many aspects of the industry, I am more than qualified to do both. I liken it to someone telling an actor that they can only play comedy or drama. While it’s true that some actors are not good at one or the other, many are excellent at both. Imagine if they had told Meryl to only do dramas after Kramer vs. Kramer or Sophie’s Choice. Think of all the great comedic performances we would have missed out on just because some person may have told her to “specialize” in one thing and that she couldn’t be terrific at both! Well, guess what? She did specialize in one thing- Acting, and all its facets. I specialize in Photography and what I can capture with my camera. Many of the biggest names in headshot photography also shoot Lifestyle or Branding sessions, or even commercial advertising. So what’s the difference between that and me shooting weddings or whatever else I’m good enough to shoot? The main thing is “does your photographer know how to shoot terrific headshots that meet today’s professional standards?” THAT is the only thing you need to worry about. Not whether or not your photog also shoots wildlife or food as well as actors. There, I’m off my soapbox now. I hope to hear from you.

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