I’m Jerry Giles, a photographer and an actor, who has been shooting headshots for many years. I started Jerry Giles Photography Headshots because I wanted it to focus directly on you, my friends -my fellow ACTORS. I know the drudgery of getting headshots taken, and of all too often walking away from my sessions with the photographer not listening to a single word I’ve said. They didn’t ask my goals or care how I saw myself. They never asked any questions of me. They had their idea and their style and that’s all that mattered. As long as I looked like everyone else on their websites then they were happy.

    But as an actor, you need shots that represent YOU, not the photographer’s version of you. Their signature lighting or angles or whatever won’t propel you. The Headshots have to sell YOU, not the photographer! The headshots simply have to show you in a way that makes you stand out with an honesty and truth that most others on the submission page do not show.

    So, as a photographer, I work with the actor to get YOU, and to get THE YOU that will get interest from all who see your headshots! The more offices you get into the better both of our chances of great success. Isn’t that what we all want? So let me show CD’s and agents what you bring to the table. We will talk through the shoot to make sure we’re on the same page. I want to know how you see yourself and how your representatives want to market you. You bring the actor in you, I’ll bring my skills, and together we’ll make great images.

    As an actor I’ve been fortunate to work close to 100 SAG/AFTRA principal gigs through TV, Film and commercials so I’ve spent 100’s of days on sets. Lucky me! I’m extremely grateful for every day on set, and I’m not finished yet! I also worked on and off for several years in casting with an incredible CD, Caro Jones. Caro cast such movies as the Rocky and Karate Kid series, and so many more, as well as loads of TV. She taught me what she liked in headshots. She felt that headshots should be an extension of a conversation that you’re having with the camera, a conversation that makes the viewer wonder what you’re going to say or do next. Passive faces or just looking pretty or handsome only goes so far. CD’s and agents have to know that you can emote and are interesting.

    I’ll always remember many years ago in a workshop with a partner in a top casting office, which is still tops in L.A. She said that a headshot should be considered a First Audition. Because that is their first opportunity to see if you have life in your eyes. So, according to her, if you get called into the office you should consider that as a Callback. Not all CD’s are gonna see it that exact way but a ton will. That’s pretty powerful to look at a headshot as an audition! 

    If your headshots are not getting you into offices so you can book work, then your agents can’t pay their bills. All this to say that I truly understand your hopes and dreams and I want to propel you towards the realization of those dreams.

    Let’s get you into some offices and get you some opportunities!!!

    I look forward to being your headshot photographer. Thanks for considering me!

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