Wedding photography for me goes well beyond just images of beautiful people enjoying the happiest day of their lives. I also love capturing as many of the tangible details as I can. I’m guessing that much time was spent by my couples scouring jewelry stores from Cartier to Tiffany’s to Robbin’s Brothers to Platt Boutique to so many other top tier locations. Whether extravagant or simple, tons of thought went into those decisions. I want to take your rings and let them live a story out of their boxes and off of your fingers. Many photographers take a quick shot of the rings in the box and that’s enough for them. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just not me. I think they deserve more attention than that. Who knows how long the Groom spent picking out the “right” ring before he proposed? And then you as a couple spent that much more time choosing just the right wedding bands. So how does that merit a quick shot in the box? I want you to see your rings just as you would see them on the pages of Vogue. When possible I’ll combine the rings with other details from your day such as your invitations or champagne glasses, or perhaps your bouquet. But I’ll surprise you with the beauty of the images that I make of your wedding rings. At least that is my hope! They’re certainly not just in the box the way you got them from your jeweler. They ultimately mean so much to you two, so I want them to be beautifully represented.