I’m an Uncle. That’s what I am. I’ve been gifted with great nieces and nephews.

I was a son to the best Mom ever. And I miss her!

I’m the third of six kids, growing up in both Florida and Alabama during the Space Boom.

I love to laugh, and even more than that I love to see others smile.

My favorite sound to hear is children’s laughter.

I actually pull for both the Tide and the Tigers. Sue me.

I’m a Neil Diamond Tribute performer. Check out my site http://onceafrog.com

Tennis is my main release. I used to be a decent player.

I go to the beach about once a year, unless I’m shooting a wedding.

Scrambled eggs is my favorite comfort food. Fried okra is my favorite sorta vegetable.

The Sound of Music and The Sting are my favorite movies.

I actually have just as much fun listening to others at karaoke bars as singing myself.

I’m still expecting to be a series regular on a TV show! But I’ll still be a wedding photog because I love it so much.

Enough about me... let's talk about your wedding!